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The SoccerWire Podcast

Oct 10, 2019

This week we cover once again the biggest headlines from this past week, dive deep on the current role of the college game for elite players and even deeper look at the proposed major change to the NCAA season structure with resident analyst and regular SoccerWire contributor Charles Boehm. 

[1:35] Managing Editor, Quinn Casteel discusses this week's top headlines

[7:45] SoccerWire contributor and editor, Charles Boehm, and host Marc Serber discuss today's college soccer landscape in the United States

[22:14] Charles and Mark discuss the college season which is currently compressed into 4 months and the push to extend the season into the spring

[34:44] - Producer Bridget Baker rounds-up the September 2019 SoccerWire Commitments

[36:53] - Founder/President Chris Hummer with the heard on the wire this week